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  • Specialized SWAT MTB Tool Replacement Body

    Forged alloy body for the SWAT MTB Tool. [more]

  • Hayes Bleed Kit Adapter
    $1.05 - $9.90

    Bleed fittings specifically designed for Hayes hydraulic disc brakes. [more]

  • Sunlite Hex Key

    - Heat treated - Individual hex keys [more]

  • Park Tool Replacement Chain Tool Pin
    $1.69 - $5.49

    Park Tool's Replacement Chain Tool Pin (2-Pack) fits Park Tool's CT-1, CT-2, CT-3, CT-3.2, CT-5, and CT-7 Chain Tools. • Made from hardened alloy tool steel • Uses 7mm or 9/32" 12 pt box end/socket • Sold singly or in pairs [more]

  • Origin8 XLT Integrated Crank Cap Tool

    For dust cap removal on Origin8 XLT integrated cranks [more]

  • Prestacycle Torque Wrench Adapter

    Fits all 1/4-inch socket-type torque wrenches for use with the Prestacycle Bicycle Bit Set. Prestacycle's bits cost 1/10 the price of buying socket head sets to meet all the requirements of bicycles. Using bits allows you to perform initial installation with Prestacycle's reversible mini ratchet –… [more]

  • Sunlite Chain Tension Adjuster

    - Adjusts rear wheel for centering in frame - Size: 3/8" - Color: Silver [more]

  • Sunlite 5/6mm Hex Wrench

    • 5/6mm hex wrenches [more]

  • Park Tool Tire Lever Set (Set of 2)

    • Updated with a new material and new design • Features a wide flat tip for easy entry and fast tire removal, ergonomic shape and a handy spoke hook when multiple levers are needed • Perfect for tight beads and tubeless tires • Sold in sets of two. [more]

  • Sunlite X-Long Hex Key

    - Heat treated - Individual hex key [more]

  • Park Tool Tire Lever Set (Set of 3)

    • Updated to be stronger, smoother, and more versatile • Features a new material and redesigned tip for easier entry into just about any tire, including tubeless • The unique design lifts the tire away from the rim and features a spoke hook to use when multiple levers are needed • This set includes… [more]

  • Specialized Specialized Torque Wrench Bit Set

    Replacement double-sided 4/5mm bit and long 4mm Roubaix/Tarmac bit for Specialized Torque Wrenches. [more]

  • Boeshield T-9 Lubricant
    $3.59 - $16.99

    - Developed by the Boeing company for lubrication and protection of aircraft components - Dries to a thin waxy film that clings to metal for months - Law prohibits ORM-D materials from shipping by air [more]

  • Sunlite Dial Air Guage

    • Reset-able • Schrader valve [more]

  • Planet Bike Lunar Levers

    To make tire removal and flat repair as easy as possible, Planet Bike's strong, ergonomic Lunar Levers have wide tips and ends that hook onto the spokes. Plus, they snap together for easy carrying, and form a container in which you'll find 3 adhesive patches and sandpaper to patch punctured tubes. [more]

  • Atomlab Torque Nipple Tools

    - T-20 Torx L-wrench for pre-tensioning Torque nipples - 4.3mm wrench for tensioning Torque nipples via their wrench flats [more]

  • Park Tool Replacement Chain Tool Pin (2-Pack)

    Park Tool's Replacement Chain Tool Pin fits Park Tool's CT-6, CT-6.2, and CT-6.3 Chain Tools (each sold separately). • Made from hardened alloy tool steel • NOTE: The 985-1 will also push out the chain rivet completely from the chain side plate. [more]

  • Prestacycle Prestalever Quick-on / Quick-off Tire Levers

    Prestalever is Quicker and Speedier than anything you’ve ever used. Their Patent-Pending Rim Hook with Honeycomb reinforced Box-Section Design is the key to Prestacycle's faster, safer, easy-to-use tool. [more]

  • Lezyne Power Tire Levers

    Lezyne's Power Tire Levers are winning the fight against stubborn tires. They're made of a high-strength composite material for excellent strength and durability. Their thin hook ends easily slip under tight beads, while the large handle gives you the leverage needed for tire removal. On the… [more]

  • Sunlite Hex Wrench Set

    • 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm sizes • On a ring [more]

  • Sunlite Round Spoke Wrench (Taiwan)

    • Precision-sized, hardened-steel, chrome-plated spoke wrench • Deep U-channels for a great grip • 8-groove design fits 9/10/11/12/13/14/15 gauge spokes/nipples • Made in Taiwan [more]

  • Sunlite Steel Tire Levers

    • 3-piece set • Steel [more]

  • Serfas Tire Levers

    Don't leave home without Serfas' Tire Levers. This set of three high-density nylon levers comes with built-in spoke hooks for ease of tire removal. At only 30 grams, you'll only notice they're there when you need them! [more]

  • Origin8 Screwdriver

    • Chrome plated screwdrivers with black and gray rubber handles • 6.5mm flat screwdriver • #2 Phillips screwdriver [more]

  • Sunlite Gear & Grime Cleaning Brush

    Sunlite's Gear & Grime Cleaning Brush is one of our favorite little multi-taskers. Use it to clean your entire drivetrain, from chain rings to derailleur pulleys, and from chains to cogs. It's made from tough nylon with stiff brush bristles that really get in the tight spots. They say a clean bike… [more]

  • Pedro's Tutto RPG

    Replacement Retracting Pin Guide for Pedro's Tutto Multi-Chain Tool. - Includes one replacement RPG [more]

  • Sunlite Chainring Bolt Spanner

    Keep those little chainring bolts snug with Sunlite's Chainring Bolt Spanner. It makes it easy to to swap out your rings, too. [more]

  • Park Tool Shop Screwdriver
    $4.70 - $5.22

    Park's Shop Screwdrivers are pro-quality tools featuring durable and precise heat-treated chrome-vanadium tips and shafts and dual-density handles for an excellent grip. [more]

  • Finish Line Anti-Seize Assembly Lubricant (3-Pack; 6.5cc)

    Titanium is a super-light, exceptionally strong material that's great for bicycle frames and components, yet it requires a little special care for the best results. To stop cold-welding, galling or seizing of titanium components and fasteners, Finish Line offers Anti-Seize Assembly Lubricant. It's… [more]

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