Spank Oozy Trail 295 Wheelset

Spank Oozy Trail 295 Wheelset
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The SPANK OOZY Trail 295 Wheelset is a real game changer in the world of All Mountain wheelsets. Starting at just 1670g per set, the Trail 295 is considered by many to be the benchmark in lightweight alloy All Mountain wheels, yet its 29.5mm external/25mm internal width and burly OOZY straight pull hub system inspires confidence and begs to be ridden hard. Whether on the EWS Enduro Circuit, or just out smashing your local trails, the OOZY Trail 295 is up to the task.

Don't let the OOZY Trail 295's classic refined looks fool you. Inside you'll find SPANK's newest trade mark rim technology. Bead Bite is a revolutionary tubeless enhancing bead hook system, with 6 rows of tiny interlocking teeth in each bead seat. Bead Bite rims and wheels trap the tire bead in place, providing increased tire sidewall integrity, and tire retention properties. Better yet, as the tire bead conforms into the Bead Bite ridges, multiple air seals are created, which improve tubeless performance and reduce burps, even at exceptionally low air pressures. When paired with SPANK's patented Oohbah inverted tube well rim profile, Bead Bite rims offer the highest strength-to-weight and tubeless security available today.

SPANK OOZY Trail 295 Wheelsets come in 27.5" and 29" sizes, and are hand-built with exacting precision in a 3-cross, 28H configuration, using triple butted spokes and alloy nipples. Every OOZY Trail 295 rim is manufactured by hand in SPANK's in-house rim facility, Fratelli Industries, using Dynamal, a proprietary new era alloy developed specifically for highly weight-optimized rims.

Used by James Doerfling, Jeremy Stowards, Darren Berrecloth and Rob J Heran, the Trail 295's have been tested by the best.


- Hand Built and Trued
- Tubeless Ready

Rear Hubs:

- Standard QR Rear Hub Adapter Kit Incl.
- Japanese Bearing Upgrade
- Super-Lite CNC Optimized Alloy Freehub Body
- Oversized SSL (Single Spoke Length) Flange Design

Front Hubs:

- 20mm Front Hub Adapter Incl.
- Japanese Bearing Upgrade
- Oversized SSL Flange Design (adaptable to 20mm)

Tubeless Rim/Tire Cross-Section

Tubeless-ready rims are compatible with both standard and tubeless-ready tires. When a tubeless-ready tire is mounted on a tubeless-ready rim with special tubeless rim tape, valve, and sealant, the tire and rim form an airtight chamber that no longer requires a tube. This lets you run lower tire pressure with less fear of pinch flats and without the added weight of a tube. Lower tire pressure has many benefits, including greater traction and lower rolling resistance over rough surfaces. The rim can always be used with a tube, as well, by simply removing the tubeless valve stem and installing a standard tube like you would with any non-tubeless tire.